Posted by: Gianni | June 5, 2009

More ideas — pick a few to do


50 Mile Eat Local Food Challenge Talking Points

Ideas for the 2009 challenge



(and now, in no particular order…)

  1. The  50 Mile Eat Local Food Challenge BLOG and Podcast! ( and email account : and Twitter
  2. Facebook account :
  3. Podcasts with local eaters taking the Food Challenge and restaurateurs, chefs and cooks on how life in the slow(food) lane is going.
  4. 7 people to blog on just what life is like on the Challenge trail. One per week. Perhaps one gardener and one chef/restaurateur (see #9)
  5. 7 artists for 7 weeks: submit a 50-mile Challenge-themed artwork – then raffle it off in a silent auction at the Fall Fair (or not).
  6. T-shirts: 25$/one colour screen + $9/shirt. No date on shirt so that any left over can be sold next year.
  7. Outdoor (or indoor) film screening on food-related (eg. tableland) if outdoor Larry Gouthro Park? Willngdon Beach?)
  8. 50-Yard Food Dash – 6 to a dozen food garden tour on Sunday Aug. 10
  9. 7 restaurants for 7 weeks. We get 7 restaurants  to offer at least 1 dish for the 7 weeks that is at least 50% local (however one would define that – see below). There would be a joint advert for this, and each week 1 of the restaurants would be highlighted through the blog and facebook through a podcast (audio recording online) with pictures and maybe video (youtube). The restaurants would share the cost of a month ad OR just poster their business and elsewhere with the joint venture. PLUS if the restaurants want to, they can donate a dinner for 2 that would be a random prize awarded from those who participated in the 50 mile food challenge in 2009.
  10. Local Food Champion. One per week—win a prize per week (donated books, gardening articles or vouchers)
  11. Food Swaps (grow too much of one thing? Bring it with you to the second Wed. of July, Aug. and Sept. at 5-7pm at the CRC 4752 Joyce Ave.) to swap or give food away!!
  12. Become part of the hot summer Thursday evening events (Willingdon Beach 6-9pm starting in July)
  13. All the arts and music fests and Blackberry fest need to have a 50-mile presence
  14. Have a booth at the Open Air Market (Sat and Sun) to sign people up and raise awareness; offer support. Have business card or pamphlet to encourage people to use the blog/ facebook/ twitter to engage.
  15. Weekly TV roll-around support ads on Shaw (free: 15 words or less: email to:
  16. Food Fest at the end of the event (Sept. 27): fiesta!
  17. Powell river Direct, Peak, and PR Living free community calendar: put in ads  there to attract.
  18. Get Laura Walz and others (Isabelle Southcott, Linda Wegner) to cover aspects of the events above.
  19. Photos – the gallery on Facebook is open to all to post images, audio, etc.
  20. Hook up with anyone in town: Transition Town, V8A, Fruit Tree Project, Community Resource Centre, etc. that has anything to do with food. Anybody dealing with changing the laws against raising chickens/rabbits in town?
  21. Posters!!! Display cases at Library (2 weeks), Rec.Complex (free, unlimited): Need fancy display skills here.
  22. Encourage people to GROW something edible!
  23. Connect with food sellers (grocery stores, vendors) and with the numbers behind us (700 last year!) we can make a good case for them to sell more local food during the 50-mile food challenge period. This is where the Challenge gets some political clout and one good reason to sign up!
  24. Building window boxes, greenhouses, cooking demos, etc.
  25. Oh, yes… we have almost no budget (sound familiar?)
  26. YOUR IDEAS ARE MORE THAN WELCOME!!! And your time and skills are “as welcome as the flowers in May”.
  27. Note: This may be a good fit: Aug 23th is International Kitchen Garden Day:

So, the gist of this is that there are several self-contained projects:

a- physical presence (at market, festivals, selling t-shirts, signing people up)

b-web presence (blog, podcast, video blog [vlog], facebook, twitter) coordination

c-audience participation (to blog/vlog, art donation, music for podcast, podcast)

d- the whole restaurant thing (promo, coordination, ad design, printing)

e-displays and postering, and t-shirt production

f-media outreach (article, ads, tv presence, writing, community calendar updates…) cross-promotion with other events/organizations

g-grocery store and food vendor coordination

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