Posted by: Rabideye | June 9, 2009

Sign up!


There’s strength in numbers

The 50-mile Food Challenge Online Sign-up is ready for you! Click here.

…but why even bother signing up? What will a number provide?

-It will solidify your own commitment and it’ll encourage others as well

-It will give organizers the numbers to be able to better promote the event and take it to a new level (e.g. we can then go into a grocery store and say “we have 700 people taking the challenge. They need to be able to buy local food– let’s set aside a space where one-stop local food shopping can happen”)

-It will encourage local farmers, gardeners and restaurants who want to sell local food, to grow and prepare more of it, to be able to cater to the 50-day period’s needs (and hopefully beyond)

-It becomes a good promotional tool for our area that can attract more farmers and environmentally/ agriculturally-conscious entrepreneurs (incl. restaurants, food co-ops, food processing plants…) to the region!

-It helps to show the support for our non-GMO region, to keep it that way.

-It supports all farmers within the 50- mile radius as well.

-Any other ideas? Please add to comments!

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