Posted by: Gianni | June 13, 2009

Kale Force/50-mile Meet-Up June 10, 2009


The meeting was called to bring together interested parties to select what is to be done and by whom.

The basic info

  • The challenge lasts from Aug 9 to Sept 27, 2009 (50 days; 7 weeks and a day)
  • Recommended % of local food pledge is 50% (but 25%, 75% , 95% and 100% are available)

Sign up today: click here!

Sub-groups formed (there is lots of room for you as well! Let us know what you’d like to do and we will hook you up!)

Team A: Physical Presence at events for sign-up

  • Alicia
  • Carmen
  • Anne
  • Renee (Market)
  • Sharon

Team B: Web presence

  • Alicia/Carmen (do blog together)
  • David
  • Giovanni

Team C: Audience Participation (prizes, art, cross-promo with organizations)

  • Giovanni
  • Nicole

Team D: The “whole restaurant thing”

  • Karen
  • David
  • Amy

Team E: Displays and posters, stickers, buttons, sandwich boards…email lists

  • Giovanni
  • Scott
  • Nicole
  • (maybe Alicia and Carmen for buttons and sandwich board)

Team F: Public outreach (writing article, TV, radio, community calendar updates…)

  • Alicia
  • Carmen
  • Giovanni
  • David
  • Renee

Team G: The Grocery stores/CSA/Food vendor incentive

  • Liz
  • David
  • Giovanni (do what I can…)

We reviewed the handout and I picked out some of the points along the way.

Here’s some ideas that cropped up:

Re: the launch/initial Kitchen Garden Tour (KGT):

  • have the 7th day Adventist and CRC gardens on the tour; have different types of gardens\
  • have a garden party in a set location after the tour
  • car pool for tour
  • promo the garden tour/garden party at the market, especially on the day-of
  • Karen suggested that we get a picnic tent c/o Quality Foods promo/donation
  • have garden at Sliammon on tour (? maybe it’s not ready yet…) School gardens (Henderson)

Re: Merchandise/Fund raising

  • People preferred cloth bags and then there was a discussion on ethical bags, organic cotton, fair trade, not made in China, make our own bags as a workshop.
  • There is one fabric supplier in Canada
  • The coffee hut there is for non-profits and it’s a way to get people the coffee they want even though it’s not local; we could have this on some days if want as a fund-raiser or maybe serve local food or herbal teas (local fruit/yogurt smoothies?) as a fundraiser

Re: Teaming Up/ Cross Promo

  • It was mentioned that we should maybe hook up with the David Suzuki Foundation and their 100-mile diet; thinking that the name recognition would increase participation; maybe a guest speaker from the Suzuki Foundation
  • Send an invitation to City Council; have mayor “open” the event
  • Get Nicholas Simon to promo the challenge, also mentioned Jim Palm, Maggie Hathaway
  • Carmen and Alicia were excited by the prospect of button-making; they’d like that
  • Alicia said that she can maybe get sandwich boards for the Challenge
  • Kale Force food swap seemed popular as well as a way to promo the challenge
  • Sliammon garden and maybe cross-promo for challenge

Re: Grocery Stores/Local Farms/ CSA/ Vendors

  • Make stickers that grocers or butchers, etc, can attach to local meat and produce along with signage explaining the challenge
  • As above, but with booths at the outdoor markets
  • Make bookmarks or pamphlets on where people can buy local food and maybe recipes on what to make with it on other side
  • Hook up with Melissa of Sunshine Org. so that a brochure or sticker can be attached to the food baskets; also other CSA’s; Silke’s, etc.

Events/ Sign-Up

  • Blackberry fest presence: Sharon would like to donate the space in front of Kingfisher books for 500-mile Challenge!
  • Julie also said that she can provide a sign-up sheet for 50-mile challenge at her booth at the Market
  • Volunteer Centre (through Alicia who works there and may be able to use some of her hours at work to help here) may be able to use the contact lists they have to alert people, also she was willing to sign people up at the market on Saturdays (as part of her Volunteer PR job). A letter would need to be sent from Food Security Project (as part of PREPS, you pay into the volunteer c. so may have access)
  • Have a weekly potluck picnic at Willingdon on Thurs, Eve. Patti Coburn of the Rec Complex is hosting a concert there it seems like every Thurs. after/during the Hot Summer Nights (Thursdays 6-8pm July and Aug)
  • People liked the film screening outdoors idea after the market/concert (which means it’d be wired for sound already) on Willingdon. Film suggestions: tableland and “the future of food”, “food inc.” Maybe indoor screening ok too; maybe in concert with a Manzanita week dinner/movie. Need to get the film here… fund-raiser possibility there too. Talk with Ann Nelson at Patricia. Theatre
  • Seafair at end of July; Alicia said she’s contact Donna Rekve re: a place there to sign up
  • Karen said that the group could have a presence at Hot Summer Nights as either a stand-alone booth (donate what you can) or as part of Manzanita table to sign up
  • Alicia works at Volunteer C. and as such does a radio spot weekly on Tuesdays on Magic 95.7 FM and she said she would announce the Challenge there
  • Hook up with the food-prep CRC workshops (Wendy Devlin) to promo the challenge, maybe do some audio/vodcast there as well
  • Sharon said she’d have an ongoing list at Kingfisher

Public Outreach via web and otherwise

  • Start a group
  • Connect with kids; schools now for next year or… maybe a colouring event at Garden Party; a dress-up affair?
  • Prizes for kids who grow most food
  • Sell food 50%-50% for fundraiser
  • Sharon said she would donate 2 books by Robin Wheeler to the event as prizes for those who win/ or possibly for those who submit blogs
  • Have a TIPS page on the website where people can post ideas on how to get protein for vegetarians (no tofu, eg.) by sprouting beans, etc.
  • People can submit video (Any and Allan may have some seafood-related video to share)
    All seemed to like the podcast/vodcast idea with restaurants, also with cooking clips…
  • Some people seemed interested in writing a story for Immanence or PR Living; The Peak usually writes their own
  • Sunday Aug 23 (the 3rd week of the Challenge) is International Kitchen Garden Day — is there a way we could get material to cross-promo this?
  • Workshops on food-related/garden-related topic that could be a fundraiser as well as material for blog
  • Have 7 bloggers for 7 weeks (1 per week) on how it’s going… maybe a podcast phone interview? Anyone wanting to do this, let us know
  • Transition Town and the Challenge… can we cross-promo? Sierra Club… etc.

The Restaurant idea

  • Seems doable; all happy with this; weekly podcast with a local chef on the local dish she/he will be preparing


  • There was some interest in using the Challenge as a way to get some City Councilors on side to further the quest to raise local chickens (and also to hang laundry)

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