Posted by: Rabideye | June 18, 2009

50 Miles: Let’s get on it… Edible Garden Tour 2009

One particularly interesting aspect of the 50-Mile Eat Local Challenge for 2009 is the proposed “Kitchen Garden Tour” on Sunday August 9, the first day of the 50-day of the Powell River 50-Mile Challenge, ending September 27.

This is a edible garden tour where gardeners of both home and community/demonstration food gardens are called upon to open their gates to the public! The goal here is definitely not (only) to highlight the spectacular local examples of horticultural prowess, but to have a good range of maybe seven or so gardens that show what the everyday Powell River food garden looks like. Consider this a great opportunity to see how the neighbour’s gardens grow, to share tips and admire the wealth of the season together.

There is even a Garden Party idea for the later afternoon on the same day when we can all get together and share some (local) food.

Are you interested in being one of the featured gardens or in helping out with the organizing? Maybe you just have some questions… Just email us at or phone David Parkinson at 604.485.2004 (M-F)

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