Posted by: Rabideye | July 13, 2009

50 Reasons for 50 Miles: Sign Up at 25%, 50%, 75%…

Here's 50 Reasons... choose your % and sign up!

Here's 50 Reasons... choose your % and sign up!

Powell River’s 50 Mile (80.5 km) Food Challenge: 2009

Choose your % of local food for the 50 days and SIGN UP TODAY

50 Reasons to Eat & Grow Local Food

Eating local…
1. Supports our local farmers; enables them to support our local food security.
2. Makes us part of a network on the cutting edge of the local food revolution.
3. Allows us to learn the art and science of growing or foraging for food.
4. Increases our autonomy and food self-reliance.
5. Improves our soil through gardening, making our land more valuable.
6. Reduces our dependency on fossil fuel-based fertilizers and pesticides.
7. Reduces pollution/packaging involved in transporting food long distances.
8. Helps get rid of the noise/air pollution and work of lawn-mowing; garden instead!
9. Protects our community from the harmful effects of fertilizers and pesticides.
10. Means we can start to learn about wild foods and foraging.
11. Gets us out there in the garden; it’s very therapeutic to mind and body.
12. Allows us to grow our own difficult-to-find/ pricey herbs and medicinal plants.
13. Produces a garden that cannot help being beautiful and ever-changing.
14. Increases social interaction and friendship with like-minded people.
15. Saves money – growing at least some of our own food reduces the grocery bill.
16. Makes us a part of the solution to climate change.
17. Makes good use of our natural solar power — to generate calories through food.
18. Allows us to trade sod for salad — kiss that lawn goodbye! Barter your extras!
19. Helps support the local restaurants that use fresh, local ingredients.
20. Promotes veggie gardens that produce food and lots of great compost.
21. Increase the sheer entertainment value of our yard through a garden/ livestock.
22. Supports local fisheries and fish habitats.
23. Makes us better appreciate the foods that grow in our region, and to find alternatives to non-local foods (eg. local Stevia  replaces sugar)
24. Keeps money spent here, in the real local economy.
25. Reduces our dependence of external forces that are apt to change: the price of oil, the frequency of ferries & the whims of the world markets.
26. Introduces us to our local farmers and maybe even get some free growing tips.
27. Celebrates and makes good use of our Non Genetically-Modified Organism region.
28. Helps support local businesses that rely on the gardener and farmer community.
29. Encourages us to eat fewer processed foods, and to naturally lose extra pounds.
30. Helps us understand the land and waters better, and learn from our First Nations.
31. Allows us to grow the food we like to eat and to experiment with new foods.
32. Increases the amount of raw foods we eat, which is nutritionally beneficial!
33. Encourages us to cook at home more (cheaper and usually healthier).
34. Means we can enter that pesky 200 lb squash into the Fall Fair contest!
35. Opens us up to creative cooking possibilities using local ingredients.
36. Allows us to grow or support the preservation of heirloom fruit and vegetables.
37. Encourages seed-saving, to preserve seeds & variety for future generations.
38. Means we get to share in the mysteries of our garden… and there are many.
39. Allows us to test our ingenuity, will-power and perseverance.
40. Helps us understand how things grow and what they need.
41. Encourages a healthier diet of greens containing a full spectrum of vitamins.
42. Allows us to prevent local hunger by donating our overflow: plant an extra row!
43. Increases the transparency and simplicity of feeding ourselves and our families.
44. Dramatically increases your understanding of slugs; their likes, dislikes, habits…
45. Makes good use of our gardening skills and knowledge while impressing people.
46. Allows us to feed your family and friends with fresh, great-tasting food.
47. Means we are part of the international “Slow Food” momentum.
48. Makes us aware that the access to good, health, organic food is a human right.
49. Increases local employment of people interested in processing local produce.
50. Means you are a great candidate for the 50-mile Local Food Challenge!

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