Posted by: Rabideye | July 16, 2009

Mapping Local Food Providers

Mapping local food finds! Help us out!

Mapping local food finds! Help us out!

Here’s a fun and useful project: Let’s map out where YOU find local food: this can include forage areas, grocery stores and restaurants that serve local food. The map is open to all and you can add it yourself or comment below or email me ( where we can buy or find local food.

I’m using Googlemap technology that can also be printed out once it’s done, or updated online…

View Where to buy Local Food! in a larger map and contribute to it! Where do YOU buy local food?


  1. Hello,
    I really am over my head here with the computer. You have added local honey , thanks but it is not accurate on the map.
    Could you give me a call please, 485-5232.
    Sorry if posting in the wrong place.
    P.S. I am producing your mint salad at the moment for later, smells fantastic. Gathering the ingredients goes well with other morning chores, watering, tieing up tomato plants, harvesting etc. Our salad contains brocolli.

  2. Hello-
    I have updated the map. thank you!

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