Posted by: Rabideye | August 4, 2009

The First Edible Garden Tour is on August 9 (Morning and Afternoon Tour)


click the image above to download the Edible Garden brochure with map and info

Powell River’s Edible Garden Tour
August 9, 2009

Hello and welcome to Powell River’s first ever Edible Garden Tour, kicking off the 2009 50-mile eat-local challenge! The Edible Garden Tour is a great way to see how other people in the region are producing some of their own food, which is one good way to provide plenty of fresh local food during the eat-local challenge (and throughout the year). Please respect the gardens you’re visiting. But ask lots of questions!

Please be aware that the gardens are split up into two sets:

  • a morning set to the north of Powell River, and in Wildwood, Townsite, and Cranberry;
  • and an afternoon set in Westview and Lang Bay (south of Powell River).

There is no fixed order for the gardens, but you might want to start in Lund (Nancy’s Bakery opens early, so you can start with a (non-local!) coffee there) and work your way down through Wildwood into Townsite and then Cranberry in the morning. The neighbourhood of Cranberry is having Cranberry Days in Lindsay Park on Sunday, so you can stop there for lunch and a midday break. Or head over to the Open Air Market. Then in the afternoon you can see the gardens in Westview and travel down to Lang Bay to finish off. Take a snack and spend some time on the beach south of town! The order in which the gardens are described here is a suggested order only.

Thank you to all the volunteers, to the gardeners who have graciously opened their gardens up for the public, and to you for coming out. If you would like any more information about the Edible Garden Tour, the 50-Mile Eat-Local Challenge, or any other projects of the Powell River Food Security Project, please contact David Parkinson at (604) 485-2004 or Thank you for supporting local food!

Thank you for carpooling, biking and walking the tour!

Click HERE to download the full printable 4-page brochure with descriptions of the gardens and a handy map!

Or check out the Google Map of the tour: if you click on “Print” above the map, you can print out a map with descriptions and driving instructions.

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