Posted by: Rabideye | August 10, 2009

And we’re off!

It was our first garden tour, and you could eat it.

It was our first garden tour, and you could eat it.

Hey, it’s August 10th and this means we’re in day 2 of the 50-day, 50-mile Eat Local Challenge, where we’re recommending you make 50% of your diet local food grown/raised/foraged within 50 miles of Powell River!

Yesterday, the gracious hosts of 13 local gardens from Lund to Lang Bay (South of Town) welcomed some 150 visitors throughout the day. The free, self-guided tour was an awesome opportunity to see just how much food can be grown here, and the myriad ways local gardeners choose to grow it. Visitors were introduced to snail farming, tee-pee style trellises, innovative terracing, ‘lasagna’ or lawn conversion gardening, wool-lined pathways, fabulous waterfront chicken coops (that I would live in ‘sans les poulets’), fruit trees in full regalia, and to the sometimes unfamiliar but always beautiful edible plants that local kitchen gardeners are growing in and around town.

The focus here was on what can be done on relatively small plots of land with minimal resources, and (in some cases) in a very short period of time with limited expertise.

For a rather extensive photo gallery of the event, visit our facebook page (you don’t need to be subscribed to Facebook to see these).

Thanks again to the garden hosts who spent so much time prepping for the event and providing invaluable information and inspiration! Thank you also to those who donated money to the Powell River Fruit Tree Project by using the tip jars! The Fruit Tree Project is a local initiative that collects ripe fruit, nuts and vegetables and divides the food equally between the collector, the owner of the land with the remaining 1/3 goes to charity. For more information on this project, email Ann Michaels, who is the coordinator of this community effort.

Want to be a host gardener next year? Email us!

Now, onto the main event: 50 days of eating locally! Send us your tips and ideas!

There are several podcasts (internet radio sessions) lined up to appear on these pages very soon, but in the meantime and throughout the 50 days, please feel free to write up and send us your…

  • recipes using local and timely ingredients
  • tips on food substitutions to make a meal more local
  • observations on you and your family’s reaction to eating more local food
  • where to buy/forage local food

If you have a tip, a question, or something else you want to communicate to the people who are participating in this year’s challenge, email us or phone David Parkinson at (604) 485-2004 and we’ll set up a post for you here on this blog or send your information out by email.

Also, another venue to share your ideas person-to-person is the (FREE) Kale Force get-together on Wednesday, August 12 at 5 pm-7 pm at the Powell River Community Resource Centre (4752 Joyce Ave): see the Powell River Food Security Project’s website for more information. No need to RSVP. Just show up (with some local edibles if you can). If you have any extra food you’d like to donate or swap, bring it along too!

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