Posted by: Rabideye | August 15, 2009

Recently, in the 50-mile media


First of all, though, we have the 50-Mile Audio Podcast episode #1 where David Parkinson (PR Food Security Project) interviews Bemused Restaurant’s Jeffrey Renn on his take on local food. Very interesting! Catch it here More podcasts coming your way soon, too!

In case you missed these, here are two articles in the August 5 Powell River Peak on local food, 50-Mile Challenge, the Edible Garden Tour, and more…(click the blue links below to see the full text in a new window)

Interest growing in edible plants For participants in the 50-Mile Food Challenge, a Powell River district garden tour should provide food for thought. David Parkinson, coordinator of the Powell River Food Security Project, said there will be about a dozen properties available for vie…


Locavore movement focuses on food July through September can be wonderful months to live in Powell River for many reasons, not the least of which is the fresh produce that is widely available in and around town. Cherries bursting with sweet juices, crispy apples, crunchy carrots, sna…

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