Posted by: David Parkinson | August 19, 2009

We have a podcast and we’re gonna use it!

A few months ago, while our local community radio station went on hiatus, I decided to circumvent the airwaves and start creating podcasts. I got myself a nifty little portable digital audio recorder and made some experiments. In order to give myself a reason to practice creating a podcast, I decided that I would do a weekly podcast during the seven weeks of the 50-mile eat-local challenge. My intention was to record a short conversation each week with one of the many ‘local food champions’ who work hard to support local food in their businesses.

So far, there are two episodes of this podcast available at

Tomorrow I’ll be heading up to Manzanita Restaurant in the Townsite to talk with the folks up there who work hard to bring the best of local seafood and produce to their table. And there will be more to come after that. Unfortunately, with only seven weeks, it won’t be possible to talk with even a small fraction of the local food champions in the community, but that’s what next year is for!

If you have iTunes installed on your computer, you can click here to subscribe to the podcast in iTunes. Otherwise stay tuned to this blog for updates, or contact me to get onto the email list. Feel free to send feedback by email or through the comments on this blog.


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