Posted by: Rabideye | October 20, 2009

Winter Greens, they called her…

Swiss Chard

Swiss Chard

This just in from David Parkinson of the PR Food Security Project

This message comes from Amy and Allan Sharp at Manzanita. They are eager to find a supplier of winter greens and other produce for Manzanita. It turns out that there is a heated greenhouse in the region which is not being used during the winter, and which might be made available to someone willing and able to use it for the production of produce.
Besides Manzanita, Melissa Call of Sunshine Organics (and Ecossentials) is very interested in increasing her supply of fresh local winter produce. Also, the winter market at the Community Resource Centre could really use some more produce. There is a real niche to be filled by somebody!!

If anyone out there is interested in pursuing this, please contact Amy Sharp:
Cell: (604) 483-1534

Manzanita Restaurant: (604) 483-2228


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