Posted by: Rabideye | December 21, 2009

Food shopping on the edge

Here are a few easy rules of thumb for when you must grocery shop in a typical modern grocery store (always buy local and in small stores when you can):

1- Never shop hungry (you will buy junk food, because your body craves fast calories and fat)

2-Shop the perimeter. That’s where all the fresh foods are. The less you find yourself in the central aisles of the grocery store, the healthier your shopping trip will be. Make it a habit– then dip into the aisles for staples that you know you need.

3-Avoid the prepared foods (these are new to grocery stores, and can also be found on the perimeter (and usually near the entrance, but not always). Never mind the reduced nutrient values of food that has been cooked and frozen or is just lying around for a long time, but the packaging alone is enough to make buying this stuff an awful idea. Next time you want to buy a prepared roasted chicken, check its INGREDIENTS list… (yes, INGREDIENTS that include all sorts of oils and chemicals to keep it “fresh”). Typical roasted chicken containers use a plastic that is TOXIC especially when heated and covered in grease, and unrecyclable. The cooked food waste that emerges from these cafeteria-style supermarket is alone enough to make you turn your head.

The problem is that we do not see our trash, and if we do, we see little bits of it.

Enjoy a simply cooked meal at home… it’s a bit of work and doesn’t always result in a stellar meal, but it’s bound to be healthier, less expensive and environmentally less horrific. Plus there are left-overs and limited packaging!



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