Posted by: Rabideye | May 31, 2010

Sustain this.

Lemon Balm tea brewing in brief sun break in our rainy, rainy May.

Ah, it’s that time again: Tea Time?

50-Mile and Edible Garden Tour preparations have begun to take shape.

Last year, David and I worked a lot of angles, with some help. There was a new 50-mile blog (this right here), two new Facebook pages (one group and one page, to be exact — still not 100% sure what the diff is), a Twitter page, a 50-Mile podcast, featuring local restaurateurs and foodies, posters, signs, ‘door prizes’ that were drummed up by Nicole and others…plus the then all-new Edible Garden Tour and all the material related to that: maps, posters, etc.


All this on pretty much a zero budget.

This year, the 50-mile/Edible Garden Tour is teaming up with Powell River Literacy Now, and I hope, a lot of you readers as well. A task list will be published here in a few days. I know how you love task lists. We need lots of help, as it takes a community to sustain a project like this, in various ways.

More soon…

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