Posted by: Rabideye | June 9, 2010

A tisket a tasket…

It's a Garden Tour, and you can eat it.

Here is a list of tasks that some of us are taking on.

If you’d like to help with any of these, let us know: Thanks in advance! And in no particular order… the tasks… some of us are already working on some of these, but could probably use more help:

  • postering
  • podcasting interviews (need help recording, interviewing, writing, editing, adding music…)
  • obtaining prizes for the participants
  • make signage for edible garden tour (street signs, sandwich boards, sidewalk stencils…)
  • obtaining free materials to make all of the above…
  • attending Hot Summer Night Market to sign people up
  • work to make the “food swap” idea happen
  • coordinate with restaurants to have local edibles feasts
  • make donation jars (for local food initiatives) for the edible garden  tour
  • photograph the edible garden tour
  • blog on this page
  • submit local food recipes for this page
  • write articles for local papers and for this page
  • coordinate radio spots for the tour and 50-mile challenge
  • sign people up at the weekend open air market/ get them on an email list, etc.
  • help coordinate the closing of the challenge at the last day of the Fall Fair (at the open air market)
  • help with the Facebook pages (group and page)
  • Twitter for us
  • talk it up– let people know!
  • and ‘so much more’ (no doubt)

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