Posted by: Rabideye | September 21, 2010

Haiku Contest is over! Vote on the best Haiku of 2010.

Click on the pretty flower to vote!

Thanks to all the participants in the 50-Mile Skookum Food Provisioners’ Co-op Haiku Contest!

Skookum Food Provisioners’ Cooperative ( is Powell River’s only non-profit Cooperative, and one of SFPC’s goals is social:

“we intend to produce benefits for the social life of the community, through the strengthening of ties among people, and by respecting and honouring the work that people do to feed themselves and others”.

As sponsors of the contest, Skookum’s board narrowed down the many entries to five that you can vote on.

Please vote by Thurs. Sept 23 at 5 pm. Winner(s) will receive a Skookum Gift basket. Winner(s) will announced on Sept 26, the final day of the 50-Mile Eat Local Challenge, and the second day of the 2010 Powell River Fall Fair!

VOTE now: click here

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