Posted by: Rabideye | August 15, 2012

Working our way backwards… Days 41,40 & 39

Powell River’s 50 Mile (80.5 km) Food Challenge: 2012 Edition

50 Reasons to Eat & Grow Local Food

Reason #41:

Growing your own food locally… allows us to learn the art and science of growing or foraging for food — and it’s an ever-changing process depending on so many factors like soil composition, temperature, elevation, access to sunlight, etc.

Reason #40:

Growing your own food increases our personal autonomy and food self-reliance, with the added benefit of making the wider community also more resilient: plant a row for your neighbours!

Reason #39:

Growing your own food  improves our soil through gardening, making our land & yards more valuable… and more beautiful. Stop wasting your time on maintaining grass that depletes the soil. Try a lasagna garden or if you just want green pastures,  plant clover instead (it’s green, attracts bees, is more resistant to drought, and actually nurtures the soil — so you can more successfully start a garden there later on).

Gardening gives your brain some exercise as well!


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