Posted by: Rabideye | August 17, 2012

Working our way backwards… day 36

50 Reasons to Eat & Grow Local Food

Reason #36:
Growing (and eating) locally supports the preservation of heirloom/traditional fruit and vegetables; many varieties of veggies and fruit are considered too fragile to transport are simply not grown by commercial operations that rely on excessive amounts of transportation, packaging, refrigeration, and artificial preservation techniques (irradiation, waxes and the use of gases to extend shelf-life) even on the ‘heartiest’ fruit and veg that can conjure up. ‘Extended shelf life’ means:

  • fewer vitamins
  • ‘cardboardy’ flavour
  • higher cost in $ and in environmental degradation (due to transportation, etc.) and
  • increase in chemicals in our system in the guise of ‘healthy food’

Glean instead. Pick your own.


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