Posted by: Rabideye | August 27, 2012

Working our way backwards…Day 28

50 Reasons to Eat & Grow Local Food

Reason #28:

Just as children develop a culture of reading if there are books lying around the house and parents who read, an appreciation of nature comes the same way; through access and example. Only a love of nature will better ensure the future generations will actually care for it. Growing your own food shows kids not only how food grows, but gives them access to hundreds and thousands of natural cues that cannot be gained through CGI games and 3-D movies. Show them your appreciation of these natural processes, then give them the space and time to discover for themselves. It’s easy to forget, as environments are meant to be transparent, but this is the first time in human history when we are actually able to distance ourselves from the natural world and live in manufactured environments (our cars, our air-controlled offices, our TV and computer screens…) Let’s re-familiarize ourselves with nature, and help others do the same, via a  front yard (why hide it?!) food garden.

Show them your appreciation.



  1. G, I am so enjoying your pictures for these posts, especially today’s. LOL!

    • Thanks, Kevin!

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