Posted by: Rabideye | September 6, 2012

Working our way backwards…Day 18

50 Reasons to Eat & Grow Local Food

Reason #18:

Eating local makes at-home eating worth the time and effort. Preparing typically  raw or minimally processed local foods requires additional time and effort (compared to a bag of chips!). But the superior natural quality of local foods allows almost anyone to prepare really good foods at home, within a reasonable amount of time and effort. Chefs at high-end restaurants freely admit they prefer locally grown food items in part because of their ease of preparation. Good local foods taste good naturally, with little added seasoning and with little cooking or heavy sauces. Home preparation of raw foods also saves money, particularly compared with convenience foods, which makes really good food affordable for almost anyone who can and will prepare them from scratch, regardless of income. Excerpted from:

Good ingredients = great flavour.

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