Posted by: Rabideye | September 9, 2012

Working our way backwards…Day 15

50 Reasons to Eat & Grow Local Food

Reason #15:

Local food is (likely) GMO-free.

Although biotechnology companies have been trying to commercialize genetically modified fruits and vegetables, they are currently licensing them only to large factory-style farms. Local farmers don’t have access to genetically modified seed, and most of them wouldn’t use it even if they could. A June 2001 survey by ABC News showed that 93% of Americans want labels on genetically modified food – most so that they can avoid it. That’s why huge corporations that want to promote the use of GMO foods are working hard to avoid labeling and to force GMO food upon local and export markets While there are no real guarantees of food being GMO-free anymore —as many of us are aware, once GMO seeds are set free, it’s hard to know for sure unless you test the food— in 2004 Powell River won the distinction of being Canada’s first GMO-free zone (see article here), and a look at the famous Monsanto Canada Inc. vs Percy Schmeiser court case.

Eating local food supports our GMO-free designation.

Say no to Frankenfood.



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