Posted by: Rabideye | September 10, 2012

Working our way backwards… Day 14

50 Reasons to Eat & Grow Local Food

Reason #14:

Eating locally highlights wild foods that we may forage. It also encourages us to better value First Nations peoples in this region, and to investigate and share methods through which they traditionally prepared wild foods that grow here, not to mention developing a taste for these plants, fruit, berries, nuts, seeds, mushrooms, fish, etc. With this, comes a respect for the plants  and for the often delicate habitats they inhabit, to better preserve them for future generations.

Examples of wild foods in our region can be found here:

And here’s a teachers’ guide to wild plants for kids in grades 4-7:

Warning: Please be very careful picking wild foods, as edible plants, fruit, nuts and mushrooms may look a lot like poisonous ones to the untrained eye. Invest in recommended books on this topic and then also attend hands-on workshops where expert local guides can point out what to look for; no photo and basic description can take the place of attending an on-site workshop or excursion with an experienced person who can answer your questions, etc.

Learning and teaching about local wild foods

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