Posted by: Rabideye | September 12, 2012

Working our way backwards… Days 13 & 12

50 Reasons to Eat & Grow Local Food

Reason #13 & #12:

Growing food relieves depression on a chemical level.

“While mental health experts warn about depression as a global epidemic, other researchers are discovering ways we trigger our natural production of happy chemicals that keep depression at bay, with surprising results. All you need to do is get your fingers dirty and harvest your own food. In recent years I’ve come across two completely independent bits of research that identified key environmental triggers for two important chemicals that boost our immune system and keep us happy – serotonin and dopamine. What fascinated me as a permaculturist and gardener were that the environmental triggers happen in the garden when you handle the soil and harvest your crops. Getting down and dirty is the best ‘upper’.”

Excerpt above by Robyn Francis, 2010.
Robyn Francis is an international permaculture designer,
educator, writer and pioneer based at Djanbung Gardens,
Nimbin Northern NSW. She is principal of Permaculture
College Australia

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