Posted by: Rabideye | September 13, 2012

Working our way backwards… Day 11

50 Reasons to Eat & Grow Local Food

Reason #11

Eating local food makes you part (at least in spirit) of the The International Slow Food Movement, that provides tangible evidence of the emergence of a new global food culture!

” Slow Food is a worldwide movement with over 80,000 members in 100 countries committed to promoting the diversity of local and regional quality food produced and marketed in a way that guarantees farmers a fair price and protects the environment and the natural landscape.”

Slow Food Canada

Another organization, The Chefs Collaborative is a US-based network of more than 1,000 American chefs who are promoting sustainable cuisine by celebrating the joys of local, seasonal, and artisanal cooking. Their organizational principles include “sound food choices emphasizing locally grown, seasonally fresh, and whole or minimally processed ingredients.” These two organizations are but the tip of the iceberg of the new American and global food culture.

Their mission statement:

Chefs Collaborative works with chefs and the greater food community to celebrate local foods and foster a more sustainable food supply.  The Collaborative inspires action by translating information about our food into tools for making knowledgeable purchasing decisions.  Through these actions, our members embrace seasonality, preserve diversity and traditional practices, and support local economies.

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