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The last post

imagesJust a note to readers and followers that I (Giovanni Spezzacatena) am no longer updating this blog.

It all began in May 2009 when I decided to volunteer to help The Powell River Food Security Project (run until just this week by David Parkinson who is no longer in the position of coordinator) to publicize the 50-Mile Eat Local Challenge’s goals with a blog.

Some 120 posts later I am no longer updating this blog, but will leave it online as a reference only. The goals of the 50-Mile Challenge were always to make people aware of where their food was coming from, all year round. I do think that the project has succeeded to some extent, and if there is an interest, it will continue under new management, and under a different domain.

This was an unpaid labour of love, but all content including branding, graphics, photos, etc. may not be used without explicit permission from me.

Thanks for your readership and nice comments throughout!



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“Zero-Mile Living” with Carolyn Herriot

Tue. Sep. 24: “Zero-Mile Living” with Carolyn Herriot
The Powell River Food Security Project is pleased to co-sponsor this event with the Powell River Garden Club! Join renowned food security consultant and author Carolyn Herriot as she shares her inspiring vision for bringing our food back home, increasing regional food security, stimulating tourism, and improving the diet and long-term health of the people in the community. From experience, Carolyn has discovered that it took only five years (starting from clay fill) to produce enough fruits, vegetables, and herbs to feed her family year-round.
Anyone familiar with Carolyn’s many articles or her two books, The Zero Mile Diet and The Zero Mile Diet Cookbook, will want to attend this event!
Members of the public are not required to be members of the Garden Club in order to attend, but the Garden Club hopes to attract some new members for this and upcoming talks and presentations. If you wish to join the Garden Club ($15 membership dues), please show up between 6:30 and 7:00.
WHEN: Tuesday September 24, 7:00 PM
WHERE: Cranberry Seniors’ Centre, at the corner of Manson Ave. & Cranberry St. in Powell River
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Happy Blackberry Festival!


It doesn’t get more 50-mile than this– plus maybe the rain will wash the stains away

Many thanks to the organizers of the 5th Annual Powell River Edible Garden Tour for making this FREE (donations we happily accepted) AM/PM tour such a success yet again.

Some gardens had upwards of 220 people visiting to see what can be done with a variety of variables including experience, space, soil and light conditions and time to garden. There was really something for everyone and that doesn’t ‘just happen’. There are some very thoughtful people and loads of work behind such an event. That it was a spectacularly beautiful day did not hurt one little bit. Many thanks to the WONDERFUL gardeners/farmers who opened up their homes and gardens to the public on this special day!

This starts this year’s 50-day, 50-Mile Eat Local Challenge and by the looks of it, there is a LOT of food growing out there. Enjoy!

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